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AERO Pest Control, Inc. - Frequently Asked Questions

We are proud to serve our community with dependable and effective pest control on the Outer Banks and Eastern North Carolina. Below are some commone questions regarding Outer Banks Pest Control. Please browse the F.A.Q.'s below and feel free to contact us at (252) 255-1414 or (252) 491-5487, or complete the FREE Inspection Request form. A trained AERO Pest Control, Inc. consultant will arrange a free consultation.

What are the risks to my children or pets?
Professional pest control products utilized by AERO Pest Control, Inc. vary from powders, liquids, traps, and other devices but all require review and approval by the federal Environmental Protection Agency. State agencies regulate products approved for pest control as well. Newer generation professional pest control products were designed to target insect biology and reduce the risk to people and pets. You should tell AERO Pest Control, Inc. about any known reactions or other concerns involving your family or property to help them avoid any problems. True pest control professionals always integrate non-chemical means of pest management. It all starts with a proper inspection to determine the best approach for your situation.

Do you spray every year?
Federal and state laws are clear - AERO Pest Control, Inc. follows the product label which has directions for use. In short, chemical applications may only be applied when the evidence of an infestation or conducive conditions are present that increase the risk of a problem. The professionals at AERO Pest Control, Inc. have incorporated a comprehensive approach referred to integrated pest management that does not rely on a broad chemical application. This is a misuse of pesticide worse than ignoring a pest problem. Broad use of chemicals can lead to resistance development in your problem pest and other unintended effects.

How long will treatments last?
Professional pest control products used by AERO Pest Control, Inc. vary based on their designed residual and the environment in which they are exposed. The un-asked part of your question is "How do I prevent a problem or stop a re-occurance?" AERO Pest Control, Inc. technicians do not simply rely on the toxicity of products to stop a re-occurance of an infesting pest. A thorough inspection is the key to prevention. Experience and specialized equipment help a technician identify and anticipate the conditions favorable for a pest infestation.

Why don't I smell anything after our service?
An integrated pest management approach may not include a chemical application at all, but new liquid treatments have a designed chemistry with little vapors. This reduces the unintended effects of chemical applications.

Do you have to drill anywhere on my property?
It depends. Wood destroying organisms (like termites) infest properties and cause structural damage in hidden places. AERO Pest Control, Inc. professionals use specialized equipment to protect property by treating wood or applying chemical barriers to hidden and difficult to reach places, such as under the foundation and around the perimeter of your home. There are current products that do not necessitate drilling. Each product is different. Your pest control professional at AERO Pest Control, Inc. will inspect your property and explain the options available.

Do I need your services every year?
Intervals of service may change based on the type of pest and the situation at your property. Pest services often occur annually, bi-annually, monthly, or even weekly based on the circumstances. State regulations often require AERO Pest Control, Inc. to inspect on an annual basis and report the results of that inspection to the owner or their agent in writing.

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